Our Church has a long-standing interest in overseas mission and has regular visits from missionaries and affiliated organisations.

There is a designated missionary for each month and these presently are:


John & Pearl Aitken (Echoes International)

John and Pearl Aitken live in Bristol. John works as General Director of Echoes International and is based in Bath. Echoes International is a mission service group supporting 190 mission workers in 29 countries and involves John in strategic planning, administration, visiting mission workers and teaching in local churches. Pearl manages an Advice Centre in a deprived community in Knowle West, Bristol and is involved in counselling.

They have two daughters, Natalie (30) and Katie (29). Natalie is married to Chris and they live in Idle a village near Bradford with their two young boys. Katie was married to Matt last year and they have just moved into their first home in Frampton Cotterell, a village outside Bristol.


Chris Amer (UCCF)

I am the UCCF Staff Worker for the Christian Unions at the Glasgow School of Art and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. UCCF (Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship) is the umbrella organisation for all the Christian Union societies in all the universities in the UK.

The first CU appeared in the 19th century, and today there are CUs in almost all universities in the UK, all united around a core evangelical statement of faith. CUs exist principally to share the good news of Jesus Christ with the students they study alongside. For each university this looks slightly different, but in every case there is a mission field to be harvested.

My job is to equip, encourage and safeguard the work of the CU by helping them engage effectively with their context, whilst remaining faithful to the bible. Thank you for your kind support!


Anne Dryburgh (Belgium)

Anne Dryburgh was born in Glasgow and moved to Flemish-speaking Belgium to serve the Lord in 1991. Her main involvement is in evangelism and intensive discipleship, also known as biblical counseling. The studies that she has followed have helped inform her work, especially in the areas of depression and (emotional) abuse. Anne writes on subjects related to biblical counseling and helps co-ordinate a hub of others in Europe who are engaged in similar work


Ho & Laura Jane Meas (Japan)

Ho and Laura-Jane live in Sendai, Japan with their son Joseph. Laura-Jane was a student at Edinburgh University in the 1990's and attended Ferniehill throughout her time in Edinburgh. She moved to Sapporo in Hokkaido following her studies and worked with OMF for a number of years. During that time, she met Ho who was studying for his PhD at that time. They were married in 2006 and Joseph was born in 2009.

Ho studied at the Irish Baptist College, completing his degree in 2013. In the summer of 2011, they visited the tsunami-stricken area of Japan and following completion of Ho’s studies the family moved to Sendai in 2014 to begin working among the student population in the city, again with OMF. At present they are involved in the ministry of Grace Centre Church and in various centres of tertiary education. Joseph attends their local Japanese primary school and they try to keep up with English education at home.


Walter & Elizabeth Alexander (Uberlandia, Brazil)

Walter and Elizabeth have returned to the city of Vitoria in south east Brazil where they previously worked prior to some time spent in Uberlandia where their son Mark and family live.  The climate in Vitoria  is more suited to their physical needs and their son Steven and family are also in the city.  Vitoria has a population of around 230,000 and presents many challenges in evangelism.  Walter is busy with a teaching ministry in several churches as well as being a sought after conference speaker.  Elizabeth is involved in women’s  ministry and is a very real encouragement especially to the wives of the national workers.  


David & Maureen Wood (Grace International school, Chiang Mai, Thailand)

David teaches Design and Technology at GIS. The school has relocated to temporary accommodation while a new complex is developed. Such circumstances present challenges and often constraints on available teaching space. For many years Maureen has been involved in the NILD programme in the school but now feels it is time to relinquish this responsibility and she is looking forward to pursuing other ministries. Both are instrumental in the spiritual development of the children as well as involvement in their local church community.

David and Maureen have two children. Their daughter Yvonne is married to Chris and they have two children Esther and Naomi. They now live in Singapore. Their son Douglas is married to Fara and they live in Canada.


Joanna Manners



Jesús & Helen Ortiz (Soria, Spain)

Helen left Newtonabbey in NI in 1983 to live and work full-time in NE Spain. She and her Spanish husband, Jesús, are involved in Bible teaching and discipleship of women, English conversation classes, evangelism and camp work and a charity clothing ministry. Their son, Rubén, his wife Cecilia and grandson live in France, while Tony and Abigail live in Madrid and Soria.




D & H (Glasgow/Middle East)

D and H lived in a Muslim Middle Eastern country for many years where they were involved in Bible teaching and friendship evangelism. They are now based in Glasgow. H continues to work among the same language group of people in Glasgow and D travels frequently to the country they lived in to encourage the local believers and continue supporting the Christian printing and publishing ministry he's responsible for.


Jim Burnett (Parana, Argentina)

Jim Burnett has been in Argentina serving the Lord for many years. His wife Betty was called Home in 2016 and together they had completed almost 42 years of service. Jim's ministry consists mainly of teaching and often this entails long journeys to attend conferences and encourage the believers. He is also contributes monthly to writing in the magazine distributed among the assemblies. Jim's daughter Fiona and her husband Heber also live in Parana and recently have started a church plant. His other daughter Anne and her husband Marcelo also live in Argentina. His son Gordon resides in W Lothian.


H is involved in relief work amongst refugees and in language learning in the Middle East.