Youth Fellowship


Youth Fellowship is a group for those attending Secondary School.

We meet very informally every week during term time (except bank holiday weekends!!). We have three main type of activity, but most of all we enjoy playing silly games, laughing at each other and generally having fun!!

Most weeks you will find us heading off after the evening service to have supper together, play some games and focus our minds briefly on what we believe God wants for us as we head off into a week of school on Monday morning. The other events that we include in our programme are PowerPoint Edinburgh - a Christian youth event run in Edinburgh where we join with Hundreds of other young Christians to worship and receive teaching together. And last but not least we go to Captiv8, a smaller event run by 3 or 4 Churches to bring a smaller group of young people together, allowing them to develop friendships that will last and to encourage one another in some of the challenges we all face.

Come along and join in with some of the mad things that we will be getting up to!!

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